The Hellocycle Story

Know that guilty feeling you get from throwing something away that you know doesn’t belong in the trash? Not sure how to properly recycle items like lightbulbs, and wish it were easier?

That’s why Hellocycle was born. Our founder realized that the challenge faced by good people trying to do the right thing – recycling – could lead to a viable business that helps people and planet. People want to do good, but often they aren’t empowered with the tools. So we built the tools!

Our founder has a background as director of sustainability for a large corporation. As part of that role, he fielded questions from 4,000+ employees about recycling everyday items, such as batteries and twisty light bulbs. But even if he could tell his employees how to recycle, he couldn’t necessarily make it easier for them to do so. Now he can!

Members of the Hellocycle team have also worked previously creating employment and meaningful roles for disabled, mentally challenged, or handicapped people. That’s how the combination of subscription-based recycling and job creation for the disadvantaged arose.

Hellocycle is still new, and working out the nuances of making mailing and recycling easy. We want to thank you so much for reading and subscribing! Like any new startup, we are extremely grateful to have you as a customer.

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